Monday, March 15, 2010

And her name is...Frenchie!

I love names, most have a story and that's what makes them so fun! Don't you think it's odd how someone can be named a "not so great" name (such as Shasta) and they just pull it off and then you can't really imagine them with any other name? Well ladies, thanks so much for the info on all your names, and a bigger thanks for giving me my "brand spankin' new really old machine" a name...I think Frenchie is perfect. One because I love Grease, and two, she's PINK! I think Frenchie would be flattered beings that she was nearly nothing but a mere beauty school dropout, now she has the cutest machine west of the Missippi named after her, how great is that!!! Okay, I won't keep you wondering any longer about who won and all. I just want to make it clear that I did not use to pick the actual name, just the winning numbers, capiche? Here are today's lucky winners:

#33 Wendi said...

My name is Wendi Diane and I am named after a little girl featured in a toilet paper commercial. My middle name is after my aunt (mom's sister). My father apparently had no say and thought my name was Cindy. I have always liked my name because it is not too common.

Your beautiful new pink lady....I'm thinking Ginger :)

#26 Dawn said...

Love the Name Game - Hi my name is Dawn Joy and I was given my first name by the doctor who delivered me... mum was exhausted .. he he... I still keep her an she thought I'd be a boy... sun was rising.. so there is my first name.. i married a Hay and so complained one day about 4 months before we married that my
whole name would have only 7 letters... now it has 10 DH gave me Joy for my middle name as he said thats what I bought into his life...JOY. such a sweet man...
Now for your baby.... hows about Charlotte.... means little and womanly... just like your little beuty.
Hugs Dawn x x

#5 The Zoo Keeper-ette said...I'm Candice Hope. It took my parents 5 years to have me so the middle was either Hope or Faith. I love the Hope! I love the Candice part too- they both decided long before I was born that they loved that name. They couldn't decide how to spell it though- most were "ace" then. Anywho- they were living in Alaska and had a frozen lake on their porperty during the pregnancy, well year round mostly, and Mom would ice skate tons. So "ice" became the ending. I really like my name. Some people say it's old fashioned, but I think it gives me roots!

And Shasta dear, I am swooning over that machine!! Oh my WOW!! I never knew Singers came in PINK- oh my golly, it's on my list now too- you've officially inspired me :) I just got a new Bernina, so it'll be quite a while, but it doesn't hurt to dream :) Have a marvelous bday!! So happy you're being spoiled rotten :) Now a name, hmmmm...gotta be Candy- cause she's just as sweet and she looks good enough to eat! There ya go! Keeping my fingers crossed for such an awesome giveaway- thanks for the chance :)

#51 Amy said...

Happy Belated Birthday!

My name is Amy. "Plain Jane" Amy. My parents almost named me Jill. Creativity wasn't their strong point :) My middle name is Leigh. Same as my mom's. However, I'm so grateful that I was a girl. Had I been a boy, my name would have been Rocky Logan. Seriously.

As to your beauty, I always like to have a "theme song" that I can hum to while I'm working with it (for example, my car's name is Lola). I think you should name your singer Mrs. Robinson.

#46 cathi6 said...

I'm Cathi, but my full name is Catherine. All my siblings have strong "substantial names" we weren't supposed to shorten them, but most of us did. My middle name is after my mom, Patricia, and all of my siblings have parental or grandparental middle names, so we're VERY SUBSTANTIAL!!!
Your baby needs to be played with while eating cupcakes, because it's for your birthday, pink ones with sprinkles of course, so I would name her PINKALICIOUS!!!!!!
(BTW what movie did you see the other night when we saw you at the movie theater? We should've gone out for dinner after!) Love ya, and LOVE your store and LOVE your new toy!
Happy Happy Happy B-day
Now go eat some cupcakes :)

So, if you won please send me your mailing address and I will get your pink bundle of love out and on it's merry way to you! I should also let all of you know that I do in fact have the Clothworks Grease line in my store!!! Told you I loved Grease, I'm thinking a sing-a-long would be super fun, you in? Sounds peachy keen jellybean or to some it might be "a drag" :o) Shasta


cathi6 said...

Sweet!!! I'm so excited!
5721 W 11450 S
Payson 84651


Anonymous said...

I'm sooooooo excited!!! I emailed with my mailing address :) Thanks again :)

Amy said...

Yah! Yah! Yah! Thanks! I too emailed my address to