Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tutorial Tuesday

I love me a nice down pillow. As a matter of fact, I sleep with 3. A little excessive maybe. But, I love them. I especially love them when
they have my really soft pillow cases on. I just buy white sheet sets. I can't ever find a great print, in the colors that would coordinate with my bedroom.
This has officially solved my problem. I'm totally cool with keeping the sheets white. Having snazzy pillowcases to lay my head on, plus, add a little something to the room.
Aw, magic I tell ya. I will be having sweet dreams now. I'm going to have me an entire linen closet full of pretty pillowcases. I have Ashley to thank from Film in the Fridge. So go ahead and click here for the tutorial.

Oh and stop by tomorrow for a little inspiration.
I will have some fabric eye candy for you.

1 comment:

Nicole said...

You should do a tutorial on the cute dog beds I saw last weekend when I was in there. That would be a great tutorial for all animal lovers :)