Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tutorial Tuesday

Monogram Pillow by Crystal Johnson of Lit bit Funky

I am in a serious redecorating mood. I want to paint my walls. Put new pillows on my couch and bed. Find new rugs for my kitchen. Hang pictures on the wall. I have got an itch. I don't know if it is just some crazy nesting mood I'm in, because of this blah January weather here in
Utah or what. Something has got to give. I have looked everywhere for pillows. I have found some I like, nothing I love and if I love it, usually the price isn't right. I love monogrammed stuff. I love using the letter of our last name to decorate. I have a big old S in my entryway.
I saw this pillow and thought I should so do that. Put my sewing skills to some use. The pic is so cute and would be darling in my boys room. I obviously need something a little different for my living room and bedroom. I'm going to pick me out some perfect fabric at the shop. My monogrammed pillow is going to be oh so cute. I am going to be whipping me up some new pillows I do believe. Don't be surprised if you see more pillow tutorials. Hope you enjoy this one as much as me. Go here for the directions

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