Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tutorial Tuesday

Tutorial Tuesday

Tutorial Tuesday
So I have four tutorials for you today. They were all so festive and cute I just couldn't decide. I know it is a little late for tree skirts and stockings, but I buy most of my Christmas decor right after Christmas. I love decorating for Christmas the next year and bringing out brand new stuff I totally forgot about. I am in serious need of a new skirt and stockings and I thought these would be super cute for next year. Plus, they seem like nice little Christmas break projects. What tree skirt should I do? I really love them both. They are quite different though. What do you think?


Beth@seasonsofhome said...

I just got all new Christmas ornaments and other things. That ruffled tree skirt is killer.

Whitney said...
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Dan and Whitney said...

My husband and I were visiting from California last weekend and went to your store for the first time... I AM IN LOVE! I wish we lived close because I would most likely be buying something from your store every day of the week! Thank-you so much for your blog. I have enjoyed reading it and the tutorials are wonderful {and much appreciated!}