Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Tutorial Tuesday

Tutorial Tuesday

Gift Card Cozy

Tutorial Tuesday coming at you Wednesday. Sorry I had some technical difficulties last night. I was so ticked too! I was so excited when I found this and I have been waiting to post it. I love it. I would just be tickled to receive this as a gift this year. Like in my stocking with a Nordstrom gift card in it. Just sayin! If only my husband could sew. I'm going to make some to give away for shizzzle. I figure while I'm making my Christmas ones, I'll make a little stash to have on hand for birthdays and ect. Well, Make it and Love it has done exactly that. I'm going to give it and love it too. Get in your car, go to Gracies, pick out some dang cute fabric, maybe some fun ribbon, or ric rac and have yourself a little gift giving sew fest. So go here for the tutorial and to thank Ashley.

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Pemberley Court said...

How stinkin' cute is this!!! Love it!!!

Will have to remember for the next time I give a gift card as a gift!