Friday, December 17, 2010


Sorry for the major lack of tutorial on Tuesday. I actually had very good intentions. I searched the web for about an hour. I found things that I kind of liked, but nothing that I loved. I kept searching and went to Paula Prass's blog and well the searching ended. There are a couple of posts on there about her son Jonathan. He died in November of a drug overdose. I sat at my computer and cried for this boy and his family. My heart just aches for them. It is such a horrific thing to lose someone you love. I can't stop thinking about Paula and her family. I pray for them. I hope so much they can find happiness and goodness and light this holiday season. There lives will be forever changed. There is a permanent void that will never be filled and I am so sorry about that. So, you now know why I was missing. I'm sorry to bear bad news. I just didn't have it in my to do a post after that. So sorry!!! I do have a tutorial for you. It is a cute little scarf. Head on over to Happy Together and get the how to.

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