Thursday, January 7, 2010

Remember the Heather Bailey Giveaway???

So, when I posted the winner of that giveaway (Heather Bailey bundle), I had to do it on my iPhone and it was not cooperating. Soooo sorry for the confusion! If the following ladies could send me their shipping info, I would LOVE to get their prize out of my office.

#2 Phillips Family...this cute girl is from Nephi and she's an engineer! From what I can tell, no bambino's yet but a great lookin' dog and some really cute kittens.

#11 Marlene Sheppard...this gal has a super fun blog with super cute grandkids. I can tell she's very proud and she should be, they are adorable Marlene.

#23 Shelley Hendrickson...this gal has really beautiful and handsome kids. Some are married, some not. Couldn't tell if there were any grandbabies yet.

There you have it ladies. Please send me your info and of course happy sewing! Shasta

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