Friday, February 5, 2010

Yumm Yumm's

We have tons and tons of yummy goodies in the shop.
So here is a little eye candy for you to enjoy.
I got to take these babies out of the plastic. They are just delightful.
It is gray citron black for Michael Miller. I am love lovin the stripes and dots.

These beauties here are Dab of Jazz by Maywood Studio.
I love the color combos! Berry and Melon, Hot pink and Yellow.
That is some girly gladness right there.
Now you all have heard and seen a little snipet of Blush by Basic Grey.
But her she is in the flesh. All set up and laid out for your eyes to enjoy.
I just love her spread a cross the bench. Isn't she pratty?

Now don't forget to enter
the GIVEAWAY going on.
Just scroll down the page a bit,
to February 2nd and you'll find it.

1 comment:

Care said...

Have you stopped doing pajama parties on the first Saturday of the month? Stopped by this morning and was so disappointed!