Friday, February 5, 2010

Pssst...wanna hear a secret? You Are Beautiful! I really think you are :o)

We are women, well at least I think the majority of you reading this are. Why is it that we, as women, are the hardest on each other and ourselves? How often does my daughter hear me attack myself as if my self-worth is made of some type of bulletproof material, it isn't. How is it that I am surprised to hear her say similar things about herself and truly wonder why on earth she would say such a thing, I mean she's perfect in my eyes. How often does my Creator hear me say awful things about one of His masterpieces, whether it be me or someone else? I know for myself, it is a little bit of a downer when I overhear someone mention that they don't particularly like a certain quilt or bolt of fabric in my store. It's not that everyone has to like what I like, but what you like is part of who you are. Your personal taste is just that...personal. I am just as guilty as the next, for some reason I think it is my job to rescue someone from themselves, or to squash their fleeting joy about something they might truly think is beautiful. The point is, we are all different right? We have our own set of strengths, talents and issues. How come we have to be so blasted hard on ourselves and each other???

We are women. We are strong. We are beautiful. We are kind. We are needed. We are loved. We are enough.

Someone asked me awhile back why I started Gracie Lou's. Then I had to ask myself the same question, because quite frankly I didn't have a clue. Was it to make money? Nope, lucky for me, the hubby has that one covered. Do I need something to do? Nope, seven kids, a HUGE pile of never-ending laundry, and all the other things that come with running a house, definately don't need something else to do. Do I have this amazing business mind just waiting to be unleashed? Bwahahahaha, uhh...nope. So why? I don't need the money, I have plenty to do, I was stumped. I kinda sorta still am. I do know this though, I love to be around other women, it energizes me, I love to talk to them, laugh with them and watch them. Being at Gracie Lou's makes me happy, plain and simple, it makes me happy. When I am happy, I tend to think and act more beautiful. I am so happy there in fact that I am having a difficult time balancing my time there and really where I should be...home (I am happy at home too). Maybe I started Gracie Lou's to obviously fill a need of mine to be around people and things that I perceive as beautiful. Being around beautiful "stuff" maybe reminds me that I am beautiful too.

Well, I came across this blog, and I want you all to please go there and see what this is all about. The video below is from the site, you must watch it. It is the simplest of acts, that can make such an enormous difference. I for one, am committing to all of you that I will try my best to quit deciding who is beautiful and will know, literally know, that we are all beautiful to someone.

Remember awhile back, when I asked you if you wanted to join my secret society? This is it, this is my secret society! I looked and looked and found SO many different "projects" and "operations" that I thought sounded great and intriguing but this one made the cut. You know what I found out? All and I mean all of the different things I looked into, they were all started by ordinary women with ordinary lives just trying to make some sort of difference. No different that you or I. So, maybe that's why I started Gracie Lou's was to make a difference, even if that difference is only made for me. I hope that Gracie's is always a place of "yes, I've arrived", you know what I mean? I know that's how I feel when I walk thru that door. Most days anyway. I want you to know that I think you are all beautiful, I think you are the "bees knees"! I do, I really do! So next time you use yourself or anyone else for that matter as a punching bag, just stop. Write yourself a little note and write another for someone else, leave it where it will be seen. Take a deep breath and know that you were created to be beautiful inside and out. We are all His daughters, and He doesn't make "no junk".

So there you have it, my "secret" is out of the bag. Now feel free to pass it along, better yet, as Nike says...Just Do It! Next Saturday the 13th, I will be giving away free post-its pads for all of you that wanna join my club...NO BOYS ALLOWED!!! Just kidding, if you are a boy and feel inclined to join my ladies, then by all means do :o)

Over and out...Shasta


Allie said...

Thanks Shasta. I think you are right about women being so hard on themselves. My sister and I try to remind each other how we see each other, and that helps so much. I want my daughter to see herself the way I see her. I appreciate you sharing this. I'm in!

JJ said...

WOW! Thank You I needed that. I also think that maybe the reason you opened Gracie Lou's (of choose with out even knowing it) was because when a person walks in there you can't help but look at the fabric and think yes i will look good (beautiful) in that color of fabric or so snd so would love me to make them this. Yes I am beautiful Thank you for reminding me that our creator only works with beauty.

spencer64 said...

Thank you for your post Shasta! I really needed that! I just want to tell you that your store makes me so very happy! I travel over 30 minutes to get there, but it is so very worth it! You have the most gorgeous fabrics and I always feel so inspired to create what I see in you store. Thank you for creating such a wonderful, inviting, and inspiring store. I appreciate all that you do! Love, Lori Chadwick

Mother Huddle said...

Awesome post....I am so on board!

Angela Jamison said...

Oh how I heart you Shasta. Thanks for reminding me that I'm "not junk". You seriously made my day. You have to know that your shop and employee's are cream of the crop. Thanks for all you do.