Monday, March 30, 2009

Monday's Flickr Feature

I thought it would be fun today to feature the Mystery Bags that have been uploaded onto the flickr group. There is such a variety of fabrics, and colors,
but I love them all!!

1. My Lola Bag!, 2. Web_Keryn_Emerson_DoublePlume, 3. DSC01436, 4. mystery puse complete, 5. Lola Mystery Bag--front, 6. 100_1113, 7. Lola Mystery Bag is complete!, 8. My mystery bag finished!!!, 9. mystery bag, 10. Shauni's Bag, 11. Lola Again's Sew-along Purse, 12. Summer Fun Bag Mystery from Lola Again, 13. 007, 14. 1237568677256, 15. Ta Da!16. Not available

If you haven't had a chance to post your finish your bag, or post your picture have until Friday to
GIT R DONE!! We will be drawing for prizes on Saturday April 4th!!!

Happy Monday everybody~

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