Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tutorial Tuesday

Okay first of all, I know Shasta said not to panic, but I am PANICKED. I have been just sick about it all week. The thoughts of going in to the shop and not seeing Shasta girl, well it makes me a bit sad. So I'm just throwing this out to the new owner. Please be funny and sweet and kind and spunky. Please pretty please.
Okay with that said on to the tutorial. I'm super excited about this one for two reasons. 1~ It comes from Joel Dewberry. I love Joel. I love his fabric. From the minute I saw his first line I was in love. I even emailed him once to ask him if he knew of any shops in Utah that carried his stuff. He was so kind in his email he sent back. Joel is actually what brought me to Gracies. After ordering his first line online, Gracies opened and carried it. It was like freakin Christmas for me. I was so excited. To see the fabric in the flesh. There is nothing quite like it. 2~ This tutorial is a quilt. Quilts are where my sewing heart is. I love to sew them and I love to snuggle up in them. I found it on Joel' s blog which is relatively new to the blog world. Imagine the joy when I found out Joel had a blog. Pure sweetness for me I tell ya. So without further ado, Click HERE for the tutorial. Oh also if you go to his blog joeldewberry.blogspot.com he has another pdf for his sunny day quilt.

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