Thursday, March 18, 2010

This is the best dag-gum idea ever!!!

Okay, so I need like 902 of these! I found this on etsy and had to share the love with all of you! Seriously, I am always amazed at the talent we have in our world. A pattern pocket, that hangs on a hanger, what a snazzy thingamadingy! I love the clear vinyl, you can see the project, but nothing gets dusty. Well maybe your stuff doesn't get dusty, but honey my sewing room resembles something out of The Secret of Nim, yeah it's a little treacherous...and dusty. Ugh. Anywholoo, I promptly bought me this pattern and I will be making them for my UFO's and I think you should too. I believe it is my moral responsibility to help you all with the addiction that plagues us all...Hello, my name is Shasta and I'm a fabriholic (you know you're all sitting in the circle around me). The designer is this super nice gal from Salt Lake County, her name is Paula. Go check it out and tell her Shasta Fantasta sent ya :o) Have a great idea? Tell me about it and maybe I'd love to feature it!

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Nicole said...

Pet Beds like the cute ones in your store that you have right when you walk in! I would love the tutorial for them, there so cute and adorable :)