Wednesday, January 27, 2010

For your consideration...

Umm...yeah, today is gooood day! We got some new yummies! First of all, we have Oz, this line is really pretty, it's whimsical and very well...I lub it, alot :o) :o) :o) We have the whole line with precuts also.
Next, is Nautical & Nice by Sandy Gervais. It is so cute. I would love to see someone do a little boy's room in it. So fun and makes you smile. We have this fabric made up into some really sweet kits. We have the entire line and precuts.

And finally, the much anticipated Blush by Basic Grey. This line is gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! I guarantee it will be outta here quick and it's Moda, so when it's gone, that's all folks! We have the entire line and precuts.

If you don't live close remember you can always call and we'll ship out some of our Moda love to you!


Jenny said...

Are you kidding me!!! And here I am stuck at work. I am dying here.

Busty LaRue said...

Carrie showed them all off to me today when I came in, and I am DYING! Wishing I had an extra million laying around to buy it all with :)