Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Eden by Lila Tueller

This is her booth from Market. Isn't it fab?

Guess what came today? Lila Tueller's new line Eden.
It is in and it is fabulous. I'm telling you, it is just in time for spring.
The colors are perfect. Pick some up.
It will get you through these drab winter days.
I wasn't able to get pictures of my own. It was still in plastic and boxes.
So I grabbed some from Lila's blog.
Any ideas on what you will do with it?


Shasta said...

Good job Nakole! I see you figured out the class schedule dilemma. U so mart! Shasta

Anonymous said...

This just might work for my daughters Macy Giggles dress for Easter!

Lila Tueller said...

Thanks for posting about my new line. you are a sweetie pie!
Yes...Easter dresses would look great in this stuff.

Thanks again,