Friday, January 15, 2010

2010 Class Schedule January, February, March

Jan. 23rd...Bijou Traveler. This bag is fabulous! Kira actually took it to Vegas. She reports it held... candy, a blowdryer, lotions and potions, four pairs of shoes, her son's carseat, her favorite sequined pants and some clean underwear. No really, she packed for the weekend in it. This class is being held on a Saturday, lunch will be served. No beginners please. Pattern required. Class starts at 9 am. This class is 30.00, fee includes lunch.
Feb. 3rd and 25th...Jack & Jill Hat. Love it, love it, love it! Come make one of these to cover all the beautiful noggin's in your life. Guaranteed to cover up the largest, or smallest of craniums. Believe me, in our house we need them large. My kids don't have heads, they have containers for heads. Pattern required. Class starts at 6:30.
Feb. 9th...Lola Goes Shoppin'. She's a beaut! Great way to learn how to FINALLY put a zipper in too! I wanna take her shoppin', I really do. Lola said, she never whined or asked for the sour, powdery, make you wanna scream "is this really candy?" candy. Pattern required. Class starts at 6:30.
Feb. 17th...Quilting 101. Need we say more? Now is the time to do it! Come learn and be hooked. Really easy, really fun and the best'll finish the top in one night. Pattern required. Class starts at 6:30.
Feb. 23rd...Sizzlin' Sixties. Come learn how to use this great ruler to make TONS of beautiful designs. Strip piecing to start with and then voila...gorgeous, tricky lookin' blocks, but they aren't tricky, YEAH! Book and ruler (60 degree triangle with a flat top, we have them) required. Class starts at 6:30.
Mar. 3rd...Macy Giggles Sundress. This dress will make you giggle because it's soooo easy and purdy darn cute. Easter is right around the corner ladies. Sizing up to 14. Pattern required. Class starts at 6:30.
Mar. 9th...Busy Bias Apron. Don't let this cover art fool you, this is really cute, and reversible. One more important note about this class...we will give you dessert, sinful, chocolately (hmm...spelling?), gooey, high calorie and fat dessert. Pattern required. Class starts at 6:30.
March 11... Quilting 101. Great for beginners

Mar. 17th...Buggy Barn's Spring Fever. Spring Fever? Yep, I got it...bad. I LOVE Buggy Barn! If you haven't ever made one, you are missin' out. This method is fool-proof, great for beginners! Book required. Class starts at 6:30.
Mar. 23rd...Farrah Bag. We named this after our own Lauralee (aka Farrahlee), because she looks like Farrah. Yes, she's gorgeous, and talented, and nice (I know, I hated her for a really long time too) Sad part is, she is too young to really appreciate Farrah and her brother never had THE poster. This is a great bag, with lots of bling. Pattern required. Class starts at 6:30.
Mar. 31...Binding 101. The final step to a quilt. Come learn the difference between bias and straight binding. Which one to use, how to cut it and of course how to put it on. Feel free to bring a project needing binding or work on ours. No pattern. Class starts at 6:30.

A quick note about our classes...

All of the classes unless noted require a 20.00 deposit. This deposit only holds your spot, it doesn't cover any supplies or the pattern. This deposit MUST be paid at sign-up, no exceptions. If you buy your supplies from Gracie Lou's, you will receive 10% off. Once you come to class, you will get that money back in either a store credit or you may transfer it to another class, your choice. Please remember that you may transfer your deposit, but if you desire to be signed up for multiple classes at the same time, all those classes will need a deposit also. Your credit cannot be used until you have completed the class. If you miss class without a 24 hr. cancellation, your deposit is forfeited.

Patterns, and fabric need to be purchased before class, please don't come unprepared. It isn't fair to those that are ready. It also causes the class time to go much longer.

All classes start promptly at time posted. Please don't be late.

You will probably have some prep work that needs to be done before class, please be courteous and come ready to sew.

NO children, we are working with things that are sharp and hot.

Kindly give 24 hr. notice of cancellation. If you don't, you will forfeit your deposit.

Please do not expect us to teach variances to the pattern. We cannot help you make things smaller, larger, etc. in class.

You may use our machines, but all other supplies are your responsibility. This includes patterns, thread and of course fabric.

Have fun! Sewing is fun, not meant to be stressful, and remember nothing is perfect!

Want to learn something special, let us know! We love your input. It is our desire provide a fun, safe learning environment for all to enjoy. If these guidelines are followed, classes will run smoothly, end on time and projects will get finished.


Anonymous said...

Please don't make fun of my favorite sequined pants! But they looked alot better the first day of the Vegas vacation before all the buffets!

Missy said...

How much do the classes cost?