Thursday, September 17, 2009

Tula Pink

Have you seen Hushabye by Tula Pink? If you haven't you are certainly missing out. Isn't it pratty? I love it! The shop has lots. Come get some while it's here. It's going fast. Imagine the cute aprons you could make. Or how about a skirt. Oh how the creative juices are flowin. I am feeling inspired.

I LOVE LOVE this quilt that is in the shop right now, done with the hushabye fabric.
Wouldn't it be so cute for a girl in your life? I'm pretty sure Lola will be getting something out of it. Love the colors.


Cammi said...

oh my! that is cute fabric, i love it ! do you know if they have any more of the uptown girl jacket patterns?
i'm thinking a jacket would be cute out of this fabric.

Jodi Searle said...

Do you know if they have this kit available?