Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Winner...at last...

We're back!! Did you think we got lost at market???

Did you worry that Shasta may have gotten run over by an Amish Wagon?

Well...we're not lost, and Shassy is safe and sound.

So here are the winners FINALLY.....

(make sure you read to the end for a special surprise)

14, 20, 23

14 is Dkole
She said-"I love Heather Ross! Maybe some more funky Japanese prints. Love my Moma by Moda fabric. Also, as you know I am about to birth baby boy. I would love some fun funky boy fabric. Minus characters, animals, ect.

Have fun ladies. I am oh so jealous!"

20 is Girlsmama
She said-"I like the pre-cuts and the cute patterns you can used with them!"
23 is Carol
She said-"Oooohh! I am having an eyeball festival with the "Caroler" for Halloween. The "Objects of Desire" is so cute and easy with the Pieces of My Heart pattern #429 "If The Shoe Fits". And I really wish I could afford the "Crazy Eight" fat quarters with the panel piece to start my Christmas in July projects. I hope you have an eyeball festival at the Market!!! I wish I could be a little piggy!"

Ok Girlies!!! Email us your addresses and we will be sending your some quilt market love!


The surprise is a


Saturday May 30th

Fabrics will be $4.00 yd,

$3.00 yd if you take the rest of the bolt!

Come and see us!!!

Big hugs!! Lola and Shasta


Scrappinfor3 said...

Buggers~ Unless I get on a big buggy that flies I can't come to the sale!!! Any sale for those of us geographically impaired?

Shawn said...

Wish I could come to your sale....
:( But WA is a little far.

Melanie said...

How fun is that! I would seriously LOVE to come to your parking lot sale. But alas, I am not going to make the 27+ hour drive to come. Although it is tempting. :)

girlsmama said...

Yay me! I won something!

And I will totally be there Saturday! It will be the perfect thing to de-stress after a scout training at Maple Dell in Payson canyon.

Dkole said...

Shut the front door about the sale! I will be there.

Oh happy day about me winning. I needed a pick me up after the last 12 days I've had. Love you girls. See you Saturday.