Saturday, May 2, 2009

Happy Dance, Chicken Dance, Winner Dance!!!!

Okay ladies, sorry that it took me all day to get this done. I am trying to get out of town next week with my family and I had ALOT to do! Work, laundry, last minute project, pack 6 kids, blah, blah, blah. Sorry, I didn't get any pics up, just ran out of time. Ever had a day that you ran around like a chicken without a head and then wonder at the end of the day what you really accomplished? Yep, that was me only this was my whole week! Still wondering what the heck I got done. I started plenty, but not a whole lot done. Oh well.

Now to the fun stuff, before I tell you the numbers gave us, I need to tell you how excited I was about the winners. I personally know them all! Lovely, fun girls and they are all good friends. Really truly we do this randomly, I promise, cross my heart and hope to diet. You all know what the prize is this scraps. Some are from my store, most aren't but it is all good stuff, at least I think it is. I think I will throw in a kit (yes, I am one of those that buy and never do) and some old magazines too. Here are this weeks lucky winners................................

21 20 38
#21 is Sam! I love Sam, she has three cute boys, the youngest two being twins! It amazes me that she even has time to shower let alone sew...can you spell W-o-n-d-e-r-w-o-m-a-n? Congrats Sam!
#20 is Busty Larue! JoAnna quilts many of the quilts in the shop. She does a great job, very creative and very quick. She is a great friend and I am so happy to know her. Love ya chicatita!
#38 is Angie! This girl is so fun and very genuine! She just makes me smile. I love her sisters and her mother, I wish I were related! No really, I do :o) I am hoping she is going to work at Gracie's??? Angie, call me!!!
Well ladies, congrats! I won't be able to get you your stuff till Monday the 11th. Can't wait to get it out of my house and into yours!!! Love Shasta

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