Saturday, April 18, 2009

Winner, winner chicken and peas for dinner :o)

Once again, you gals came thru with some great responses. We would have liked to get more, but excellent feedback ladies. Thanks so much, we truly want to make you happy when you visit us! We promise to take everyone's suggestions seriously and implement them to the best of our ability. gave us these numbers this week................

5 14 9

#5 is Kelli (spelled right???) I LOVE Kelli, she is such a sweet gal and her little girl is the cutest! Not to mention her boys are gorgeous, but with such a hottie for a momma, I'm not surprised. Her bundle will be from the Maywood Fabrics Back Porch Bouquet group. We have sold out of this once and just got it back in stock. Really pink, really cute and really girlie...perfect :o)

#14 is Reddquilter...she loves us and we love her. Ladies you really need to check out her blog at, those crepes look way too yummy. I really admire those that cook, cuz, well...I don't very much. Her winning bundle will be from the Free Spirit Robots line. Have you seen this stuff??? It is positively adorable, and I love the orange, don't really know why I am lovin' orange right now, but I am.

#9 is Dkole...we think her Lola is adorable! This is one of those girls who come in and always looks fab, her kids look fab and well, she's just fab! She's kind of a funky girl so we're going to give her some of the very chic Jennifer Paginelli new line...suddenly forgot the name of the line, but very cool with hot pink and you guessed!!!
Ladies, thank you again for making Gracie's such a great place. We believe that it is our customer service that can truly set us apart. There is always room to improve, my goal at Gracie Lou's has always been to make your day. I want every woman, man and child to leave my store feeling better than when they walked in. It is my hope that we can work together to create an enviroment that is inspiring, warm and safe. What a blessing to meet and get to know so many great girls, coming to work for me is a pleasure and I hope that feeling is passed along to all of you when you visit Gracie's. Thanks again and come see me and my girls soon!
OOXXOO ShastaFantasta and Lola who happens to have a gallbladder issue, poor girl :o(
P.S. Winners, please let us know if you want your prize mailed or if you want to come in to pick it up.


Dkole said...

Holy Cow I am so blasted excited! i will come pick mine up. That way I can come see you ladies.

Galo Fab 5 said...

YEAH!! I love you even more Shasta!:)I'm coming that way on Wednesday and of course Gracie's is en route to my destination. I will pick it up then! Now the hard part is deciding what to make with it!