Friday, March 20, 2009

Mystery Purse Day 6

Get out all of your purse pieces.
Let's Git-r-done!
Step 1- Attaching other side of snap. Take snap flap and center it about 2-3" from top of bag. Snap side down.

Step 2- Lift flap and lay washer where other snap will go. Mark cutting lines in washer. Cut through both layers of front pocket.

Step 3- Push snap tabs through front of pocket. Put washer over tabs, and fold tabs to the sides.

Step 4- Snap is DONE!!! Whew-Hew!!

Step 5- Pinning Straps onto bag. On the front of your bag, measure 1 and 1/2" from edges of front pocket. Pin the strap in place. If you didn't use D-rings pin the end of the strap to the bag.

Don't get confused here. You are pinning opposite ends of the same strap to the sides of front pocket.

(in the picture below it looks like I pinned them different's a trick. They are both 1 and 1/2" from pocket edge) Step 6- Flip your bag over to the back side. Center your snap flap with the snap facing up, and pin into place.

Step 7- Pin other strap into place by lining it up with strap ends on other side of your bag. Pin those into place.

Step 8-***Optional*** Stitch around the top of your bag, at 1/2", to hold everything in place. Then you can take out all of the pins.

Step 9- Lining the bag. Put your the outside of your bag (right side out) into your lining (right side in).

Step 10- Make sure that your inside pocket is in the back, and the blank lining piece is in the front.

Step 11- leave an opening, about 6", on one of the ends of the bag. Then stitch around the top of the bags at 1/2". leaving the opening open.

***Tips for sewing through layers:
When you come to a thick part go very slowly. If it is VERY thick, then sew right to the edge of the thickness, lift your presser foot and take one or two stitches rotating the wheel by hand. Lower your foot, and sew very slowly. I usually break at least 1 needle because I'm not paying attention, and I go too fast.

(My pictures might get confusing here because I lined the outside of this bag with fusible fleece. )

Step 12- Birth your bag. Pull your bag, and lining out through the hole that you left.

Just keep working it out until the whole thing is right side out!
Step 13- Tuck the bag lining into the bag. Keep working it around until it looks like a bag above the!

Step 14- Iron the heck out of the bag!! Roll the lining of the bag up about 1/4" above the seam, and press it. (see pic below) You will be able to see the lining peaking above the top of the bag.

Step 15- Press opening edges so that they match up with the top edge of the bag. Pin it closed.

Step 16- Topstitch around the top of the bag right below seam line. Stitch the opening closed.

Give her one more good pressing!

And then

say "Hi" to your new

"Summer Adventures Bag!!! "

Isn't she sweet?

She even looks good in snow!!
Now, go stuff her full of all of your sunshine necessities....

and PLAY!!

ps. don't forget to post your pics on the Gracie Lou's Flickr group!!


flowergirl said...

I love your bag! Darling and way fun.

I have a side note kind of question. Do you have a serger brand you recommend? My old serger died this weekend.......started smoking and smelt of burnt rubber....bad I know.

So I need a new one. Any suggestions?

Shasta said...

I have the Babylock Imagine serger. I love it. Threading is a breeze! I know its a little on the more expensive side, but if you use a serger a ton, why not?