Saturday, March 14, 2009

Mystery Purse Day 1

It's Here!! It's Here!! It's Finally Here!!!
(Wow! I had a hard time waiting so long.)
Well.....Let's get started!!!!!
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Before cutting:
*Iron both pieces of your fabric.
*Open them up and press out the crease. I use lots of steam, and spray starch.
*Look at the cutting diagrams below. The pieces all fit snugly into the yard of fabric. You pretty much have to cut it out this way to make it all fit.
*Mark (with pinned on paper, or tape) fabric pieces as you cut them.

From your Main outside fabric cut:
3 - 16" x 24" for purse body (mark 2 of them "A", and one "B".)
1- 4" x 44" Straps
1- 8" x 16" Pocket
1- 4" x 12" D-ring straps

From your Accent/lining fabric cut:
3- 16" x 24" (mark 2 of them "A", and one "B")
2- 4' x 9" Strap Accent
2- 6" x 7" Flap

From Interfacing cut:
2 - 16" x 24" For lining (both lining "A" pieces)
1- 4" x 44" For Straps
1- 8" x 16" For Pocket
2- 6" x 7" For Flap

Step 1-Fuse interfacing to matching pieces.
*If you want a stiffer bag you can Interface Purse Body B, and Lining B pieces.
*If you want to use it for a Computer Bag, I suggest using fusible fleece for Interfacing on Purse Body B, and Lining B

Step 2-Get 4" x 44"(or width of fabric) strap piece and cut it into fourths.
(they will each measure approx. 4" x 11")

Step 3-Take your 2 Purse Body A pieces.
Lay them with right sides together.

Fold stack in half.

We are going to mark a right angle on the side with raw edges. Measure over 8" and down 7".
Mark as shown in photo.

The next thing you will nee d todo is round out the corner.

Just freehand it, or you can use a bowl as a guide.
Cut that curve away.
Everything is cut, faced, and ready to go for Monday.
Take Sunday off, or use it to catch up!

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