Thursday, February 19, 2009

A treat for you!!

Because we love you, we decided to do something really fun!!

So Here's the low down....
Gracie's, in conjunction with Lola...again!! , is going to have a Mystery Purse Sew-Along.
A sew along is basically a FREE purse class on-line.
We'll tell you what supplies you'll need to make the "Mystery" purse.
Then you tune in here, or Lola's place, on March 14th.....and several days following.
We will have a very detailed tutorial of everything you'll need to do to make this purse.
(It's a good one, I promise!!)
We'll have you post you finished product on the Flickr group,
and then we'll give some prizes away.
These are the only details we have so far.
Tune in next week and we'll tell you about fabric requirements, etc.
ps. Start telling all of your friends!

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