Friday, December 12, 2008

Laptop cozy tutorials

I recently got a new laptop. I take it just about everywhere I go, but I always felt so bad just stuffing it into my bag.

Where it could bump- haphazardly- into all of the mess that lives in there! I had to make it a safe place to be..a cozy!

What to start? Buy the perfect fabric. You can do that here!
Next? Find the pattern that suits you best!

Here are a few options that I found:


bring us this fuzzy felt cozy to keep your computer warm on cold winter nights.

Now, for the Laptop that wants to show a little BLING.

Indigo Blue

doesn't it look pretty with all of the beading.

Looking for something completely different?

Brings us the Placemat Hack: flaptop laptop cover!

Need handles?
Burda Style

This is a nifty cover that has straps

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