Sunday, October 5, 2008

40% Off until it's gone!!!

Grab your purse and get over here PRONTO!!!
We just got a huge shipment of new fabrics, and we've got to make some room NOW!!
We've put all of our Christmas Fabric (Yes!! ALL of it) on sale for 40% off.
The back room tables are bursting with the grandest Christmas prints...begging to be made into your new stockings, tree skirt, snuggly Christmas quilt....etc/
40% until it is all gone!!!
(and it's going fast!!)
Get off the net, and get over here now!!! I'm serious!!!


Galo Fab 5 said...

How about the recipe (or store) for the chocolate chip cookies? Thay are to die for!! Love your store Shasta!

Mel said...

Hi! I didn't know there was a new shop in Payson!! Now I have an extra incentive to visit my grandma who lives there! The pictures and blog set up of your shop is very inviting! Hope to see you soon!